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Simply The Best Graphic Design

Graphic design is a dynamic field that encompasses many different types of work and unique tasks. It can range from botanical patterns and psychedelic gradients to retro cartoons and complex compositions. These visuals engage and inspire viewers with a variety of styles that are a blend of past, present and future.

Design Basics

Whether you’re a professional graphic designer or not, there are some design basics that should be familiar to anyone who wants their designs to look polished and professional. Creating a pleasing layout is essential for any visual project, and knowing these rules can make the difference between an eye-catching piece and something that just doesn’t grab the viewer’s attention.

From font selection to the proper placement of elements, there are some basic principles that every good designer adheres to. So before you start designing your next logo or poster, take some time to learn these essential design fundamentals.

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Designers use typefaces to convey a brand’s personality. These fonts are often seen on product packaging, signage and logos. They can also be found in magazines and online. Some of the most popular fonts include Helvetica, Sans Serif, Univers and Arial. The style of these fonts varies depending on the typeface’s aesthetic and purpose.

Helvetica is a sans-serif font that has become the gold standard for corporate design. It is clear to read, and evokes feelings of modernity and cleanliness. Sans-serif fonts do not have the extending features at the end of strokes like serifs, which gives them a cleaner, more modern look. Helvetica and its variants are commonly used in logos, headlines, and short titles.

Slab serif fonts are thicker than sans-serif designs and feature square-ish ends to their strokes. They are often used in headings and titles as they evoke a sense of strength and confidence. They are great for large-format applications, such as billboards and posters; in magazine articles, headlines and titles; or on signs and book covers.

Designed by Uruguayan designer Fernando Diaz, Bowlby One SC is a serif font that feels utilitarian and decorative. Its rough strokes suggest the contrast between geometric and calligraphic styles, and its spatial proportions help to boost legibility at a wide range of sizes. Choose this font if you want to add an elegant and traditional feel to your logo design.

Foco is a font that takes inspiration from the heavy titling typefaces that were popular in 19th century Britain and France. Its swoops and curls create a friendly, imaginative personality, and it’s also highly functional as it pairs well with both wide and narrow widths.


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